Mountain Climbing 登山


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CD・都道府県 山名 標高 (m)
19 山梨県 Mt. Fuji 3776
22 静岡県 Mt. Fuji 3776

mountain climbing 登山

Mt. Fuji 富士山 (3776m)

Official Web Site for Mt. Fuji Climbing ( 富士登山オフィシャルサイト (

The top of Mt. Fuji feels like it’s just a stone’s throw away, but it’s actually quite a distance away. Please wear proper hiking shoes.
Also, it is very cold near the top of the mountain. Those who wish to see the sunrise must wait at the top until morning. Even if you’re wearing winter city clothes, it’s so cold that you can’t stand it until the morning. You may have to worry about toilets, so please make a reservation for a mountain hut.


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